Ein Volk, Eine Vereinigung, Ein Trumpenführer

Seems everyone has something to say about Trump, I’d think it’d be better to put all my thoughts out at once and early on.

Der Donald is one for the history books, regardless how it turns out, his campaign will forever change the political landscape. He’s dominated the airwaves of pop politics like no figure in my lifetime; he’s pushed the Overton window to the Right and pinned the GOPe like it’s one of his WWE appearances. You’ve heard these points before though, let’s search for some original content in the Froude Society brain trust.

As far as politics goes, it’s a good rule to always look at the reaction as closely as the thing in question. The amount of progressive signaling I’ve seen regarding Trump has been breathtaking in scale and intensity. Though I’m not on many social media sites and am rather reclusive, as far as I can tell, the Left of center populace has exploded in rage. Donald was always a controversial figure being as bombastic and alpha as he is, most of the heat was from feminists over his association with Miss America. Being an “A-List” celebrity since The Apprentice , the public was already familiar enough with him that such a widespread response was easily possible among the ignorant, apathetic. Regardless of what pre-wiring was encoded regarding the Don, the vile aimed at him is an extremely interesting phenomena. It is a great example of the Cathedral flexing its might, you can’t get hundreds of millions of people (worldwide) standing for the “2 minute hate” without some mondo strong piety waves. The anti-Trump coalition is some of our best evidence of our enemies’ true nature as a decentralized religious movement, it coalesced in a short few months and has yet to near its final act. Whenever our enemy makes any sudden movements we must know why and to where. Let’s explore some of the ways the Left’s response to Trump may pan out.

Trump may discredit Democracy to a whole new generation of trve Democrats, especially if he clenches the final victory. Such a situation may give a windfall of support to non-electoral Leftist movements, with millions of Brahmins turning to Communism, Obscurantism and Anarchism. Such a shift may be especially notable within ‘Merica, where the progressive base is downhearted under Obama’s false promises; all the while, progressive Americans have historically cherished democratic institutions. Teflon Don is also a convenient poster child for “fascism”, like Bush before him, he is a uniting point for anti-Americanism and anti-imperialism internationally. It’s so much easier to hate a single individual than an idea- thus, the best way to get people to hate an idea is to get that idea easily lined up behind a single individual. In a way, Trump has taken the media pressure off the rest of the Right by hogging all the microphones, he also solidifies an American version of ballot attempts at counter-Revolution already underway in Europe. A pan-Western alternative Right looks increasingly clear to our foes. The Left tends to grow more extreme when out of office, also more spirited and lively. During the Bush years there was a tremendous amount of progressive scheming and subversion afoot, as a child during that period, I was sadly put under their Jedi mindtricks as well. By attaching themselves to the notion of permanent rebellion, our adversaries gain strength and organization, quaking beneath the shadow of Trump’s mob.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable for the average Brahmin to perceive Trump as literally Hitler, this sparks her deeply programmed fears of fascism. I don’t much disagree with her assessment but I’d have to point out Gentile or Goebbels would roast Trump as a liberal plutocrat. One must remember Fascism and Communism’s dancing relationship, they rise and fall with one another as opposites on the field of liberal democracy, inseparable extrapolations of demotic ideas. This is why there’s also a communist (small c of course) on the ballot, Bernie [mom’s maiden name GLASSBERG] Sanders. It’s loads of fun watching the thinking types “REEEEEEEEEE” at Trump, but in the process we are missing out on the “listen and believe” spectacle of our generation- the campaign for Sander’s nomination. Ire towards Trump has taken the wind out of the positive-comments-only-campaign radiating from America’s #1 Yankee Jew. Materialist ideology has much less pull for the Brahminate now than when Sanders earned his red stripes, therefore his flock isn’t what it could be. Nevertheless, Sanders personifies a legitimate dissatisfaction with neoliberalism that is surely also held by very influential people within the Institutions. Furthermore, if one combines Trump’s support with Bernie’s, Cruz’s, and Carson’s we can estimate over half of the politically active population is against the establishment; that’s huge for an allegedly majoritarian system.

With the “Brown” trap card already face up on the field and Trump’s lifepoints still at 8000, the media does not look to be sending Trump to the Shadow Realm in this round of Yugioh-dueling. Trump is treating the super serious beltway blessings machine as a mere obstacle to beat in order to win his game. I think this disregard for the information organs is what makes them hate Trump the most, he weakens and shames the media by his continued acts of defiance. Even a few apologies or flip-flops may have staved off their wrath, yet he doubled down and dug in so he is now virtually “anti-fragile” from the conventional attacks. Shrugging off the “Brown” card so nonchalantly is incredible, that’s sending the official press back to pre-WWII era power levels. Trump will surely have more gaffs and “unacceptable” opinions before the primaries finish but will probably gain support from some major tragedy, especially if it’s Sunni terror or a financial run.

It’s fun for the Reactionary to take the idea of Democracy as a lowscale civil war to a stronger LARPy metaphor. Trump is a self funded noble rebel with a massive peasant armee that fights without compensation, only for the love of the Prince and hatred for his adversary. The coalition against him looks unbeatable on paper but they’ve been routed at every significant confrontation. Coalition generals promise he’s surrounded but they produce no verifiable casualty reports or territorial exchanges. Trump’s cavalry miraculously evade every new artillery barrage, breaking through they seize the big guns and turn them back around on the scattering forces. Of the Red imperial provinces he’s now invading many notable nobles and generals (Cruz, Carson) have foregone direct confrontation with the Donald, forced into neutrality by mass defections. Necromancers and dark conjurors have tacitly lent their magic to Herr Donald, whom he never recognizes, yet their spells have weakened mental resistances across the realm.

Our sclerotic New Deal state is too feeble to spar with Trump mano-y-mano. The institutions cannot fight Trump on their own but neither can Hillary. He is gifted with a remarkable energy and has sharply criticized Bush and Clinton for a lack of it. This energy is of a classically Protestant nature that is integral to Anglo Fascism, Mosley’s type of Fascism, a deep-seated hatred for indecisive parliamentary chatter.

In the lives of great nations comes the moment of decisions, comes the moment of destiny and this nation again and again in the great hours of fate has swept aside the little men of talk and of delay and has decided to follow men and movements who say we go forward to action! – Oswald Mosley

Trump, never a stranger to effort and perfection, would actually make an attempt at governing well, such a prospect verily terrifies the Cathedral which has deemed good governance as the deadliest political sin. Under budget and ahead of schedule is the opposite of how a bureaucratic democracy wishes to run itself.

Trump has stated many times that he wishes for an election tomorrow. In a non-Anglo/pre-modern political tradition this would mean an armed revolt would have started months ago. Democracy in the West has an uncanny habit of eventually supporting itself. Forceful revolution is unlikely to happen at this level of relative stability but the Trump movement has the Will to overthrow USG, but won’t. Trump has yet to call for violence in his name, which by definition, means he’s not a doctrinal Fascist.

Neocons hate Donald not just for his similarities with “Teutonic nihilists” but for his split from the conventional Jacobin foreign policy. He opposed the Iraq war from the outset and has cited no interest in Whig wars for Democratic post-imperialism. Republicans suffered sticking with Bush era foreign policy with the McCain candidacy but time has passed and they may be able to get away with a new neocon such as Rubio considering the instability of the Middle-East. Donald has already stated he would be “great friends with Vladimir Putin”, personally that’s the biggest reason why I feel Trump’s victory may be necessary, Hillary or an Establishment president may bring us far too close to WWIII. In regards to the unfolding wars Trump is much closer to Putin, and therefore reality, than any of our Trotskyite Reds. Today in Mississippi he went as far as to admit to his crowd that Obama and Clinton created ISIS, such a move should make him a hero to any honest patriot. He’ll be willing to make deals on the diplomatic stage much more akin to classic international law which may end up sacrificing American interests in some troublesome areas. In the words of a Neocon friend:

Trump would cede geopolitical control of the Middle East to Russia

America’s Empire must be weakened if not destroyed for the far-Right to succeed. How far Trump could destroy the Empire is hard to gauge, he’d hardly lower defense spending, in the aforementioned speech he said he was “the most militaristic person in the room”. Regardless of what the DoD priests may warn, I fear Trump may ultimately strengthen the Union’s international might, which would be a disastrous for the Reactionary interest. Hillary or Bernie would guarantee a rapid State Department driven decay into maddened mismanagement. Trump also (ostensibly) knows the warrior caste well and wholeheartedly respects their well being.

Moldbuggian five class analysis well explains the Trump phenomenon, better than any of the media talking heads. Visyas, those of the warrior caste, have hitherto been led by Optimates for several generations, being a lower class without agency Visyas are conditioned to need an Optimate champion to act upon their ignored wishes. The OV alliance has always been a dishonest one, with Optimates frequently underselling V interests by siding with financial powers, liberal thinkers, and militant globalists over their serfs. Trump is the perfect Optimate, his name is synonymous with the very class, every detail of his life strengthens this realization; from the golf courses, to the New York pedigree, to the super model south-Slav wives. Self-funding his campaign essentially announces to the other Optimates that he is going rogue, he doesn’t need a coalition of loyal peers to approve of his actions. I’m skeptical of how much campaign money and Citizens United really effects matters, plutocracy is the way for the US of A, how many 30sec cable ads in October one can barrage seems rather insignificant. What matters from these donations is allegiance- he rejects the methodology of bourgeoisie medium scale political special interest webs- i.e. cigar room old boys club cabals. Such vigorous independence is anti-Republican at its most literal sense and sets Trump up to be quite the Authoritarian. Though such a break from the pack is probably overwhelmingly ego driven, Trump sees himself as a winner and doesn’t need anyone else to help him.

Trump’s support is almost entirely Visya in numbers but he has the ability to levy more Dalits than any other Republican could. Among Dalit blacks and whites Trump is a figure worthy of honest respect. Take a look at this video, Trump has been mentioned in rap music for over a quarter century, his alpha swag compared side-by-side with the toxic Queen Clinton is enough to suppress the Obama Dalit surge as well as overall turnout. Intellectually and memetically Trump has tapped into the potential of the new Rightist Brahminate throughout the West. Amongst young Western men we see more and more that the only political opinions enthusiastically preached are of the far-Right. Outside of places like reddit occupied by Leftists or three letter agencies, only pro-Trump stances are passionately argued for, all the other candidates are worthy of but a brief glance. Western millennial men are incredibly apathetic to politics, supporting Trump is cool because he is contrarian and entertaining. Genuinely thinking Donald will save us all will get you kicked from the HRx and NRx Sith Lord club houses, yet tacit support for his whirlwind of chaos should be very much expected by us at this late hour. Under the veil of this chaos we may corral some warriors out from under their cruel masters to the banner of dissident counter-revolution. We can expose the Vs and Ds to the manly despotism they naturally prefer.

Democracy by being so idealistic has allowed itself to be injured. Such is its critical fragility, anti-democratic thoughts can mortally threaten the system by the formulaic, egalitarian electoral process. If the New Deal Republic had the ability to “draw a red line” to exclude men like Trump it would, yet, the fiction that “any 35 year old natural born citizen can be president” is imperative to the Union’s legitimacy. Trump called the bluff and is now in the process of destroying the Outer party. America’s two party arrangement is rather precarious as we have seen by the examples of her clients where one of the parties falls by some chain of events into a languishing obscurity, Labour in Britain is currently experiencing this by the leadership of treasonous Jeremy Corbyn. Same with the Left in Israel whose timidity about security and quisling enthusiasm about “peace” has  cemented a Likud + allies coalition. Republicans already suffered a period of total weakness from 1930-1948, this can happen again and is likely to transpire, they have lost 5 out of the last 6 popular votes for presidency and are demographically doomed. Ignorant of the cultures they vainly appeal to, the GOPe decided for the 2016 election they would be open-borders and more “moderate” than ever. Also, for downright nefarious reasons, sometime in late 2014, they decided Yeb Bush would be the candidate of choice. By the Republican establishment acting nearly identical to the Democrats, Trump has exposed the dog & pony show for all to see.

Trump is extremely confident about his own victory but I’m not. Not enough people like him to go out and vote Red to overcome the expected Inner Party activism. We can predict the community organizers to fight against him with an unprecedented ferocity and zeal, Clinton or Sanders they won’t care. USG only fights with its full heart when it knows it’s fighting to its Right, with Trump they will struggle against as if he were Tojo or the Kaiser. Voter fraud is completely possible, both at the primary and general election. Even if the election is an honest one, too many reliable conservative voters will never vote for Trump, they’ve bought into establishment morality and will not be caught signaling for a heretic. Traditionally unmoved registered Democrats will show up in the millions to repudiate a man they now despise.


Peace Sells, Don’t Buy It


Part of what makes Moldbug so important is he gave a fully fleshed out critique of progressivism that included the international context. He goes in depth on specific nations, providing incredible sources and nuance. As the far-Right has hither exploded in written material the bulk has failed to reach a comparable breadth. The vast majority of discussion has been a reaction (small r) against liberal ameri-western identity politics. Thus, it’s : blacks, women, gays, and Muslims. This has allowed the most devious progressive memes to pass under the proverbial firing line. We’re taking aim at one of these elusive false virtues today here at Froude Society- it’s Pacifism.

Amongst those of a traditional mindset the idea of Pacifism is as alien as Equality [of result], we just really can’t grasp it like they do. Therefore I formulated a definition as to not confuse the capital “P” variety with similar but distinct memes. Pacifism means that : the use of violence is inherently immoral, nearly always evil, even when employed in self-defense and thus should be eliminated from use by humankind. This rather extreme stance eliminates the non-leftist varieties of peace love, namely neoconservative effectual global pacifism by American hegemony, the Libertarian/ Ancap “non-aggression principal”, and Moldbuggian Passivism*.

There’s many ways by which this issue may be approached from, so it’s best to start with the most distant data. Firstly, we understand through archaeological and anthropological evidence that the idea of the peaceful savage is simply counterfactual. The earliest hominid remains have brutal scars that are obviously inflicted by other humans. Stone age tribes observed in the South Seas and Africa are warlike and rapacious whenever placed near a rival. Warriors have higher social status, slaves are often taken, boys train for combat in their play. Blank-slaters are of course, kooks, but their notions of human nature are ubiquitous and dogmatic. Poll the average Brahmin and she will think prehistoric man was a granola environmentalist, especially if it’s a people like the Amerindian that is generally conceived as an oppressed.

Ancient Western civilization also gives one a glimpse of the “Doctrine of Non-violence”®. Pax Romana immediately comes to mind, yet an elementary reading of Gibbon suggests the “imperium sine fine” was much closer to the neoconservative model than true Pacifism. In the Manichaean versions of God and the After-Life one may roughly interpret pacifismo by a stretch, Jews aren’t exactly told to make war upon rival Jewish sub-tribes. Having one supreme God nevertheless puts war and peace under the same jurisdiction, who naturally blesses and damns the same men with the same eye. Instead of having competing deities causing trouble it could conceivably be imagined a Divine with an ideal, perfect blueprint for man. Ending bloodshed was a profound hope for many outside of the Pax, the old Pagan world was verily “around whites prepare for fights”. Even under Caesar’s justice, the Golden Ass  depicts a violent common Roman life cursed with banditti, communitarian feuds and only vigilante policing; patterns Sicily never abandoned.

Like all tenants of progressivism, Pacifism is a perversion of Christ’s teaching. Of all those perversions, Pacifism might be the closest to doctrinally accurate, He is, after all, also known as the Prince of Peace. To “turn the other cheek” is a profound step away from Scythians drinking from the skulls of their vanquished foes. Gibbon makes a tight case of how Christianity dissolved martial virtues that were so fundamental to Roman Paganism. Yet once Christianity gained state power it upheld the duties of war, be it within the post-Constantine empire, the Northern tribes who took baptism, the Nestorians of the Steppe or the Orthodox ætheopians.

We do not find, of the Christian Religion either, that it always disdained the sword, when once it had got one.


Any discussion of war medieval and its antithesis is incomplete without considering Islam. Conceptually the world is divided into two “houses”, the house of war, where the infidel dwells and another, the house of peace, where lives the followers of Muhammad. Elementary criticism of Islam is the fact that the religion of Peace warred to survive and ecumenical disagreements remain so costly inside it. But mayhaps the racial nature of the lands of Islam also provides a clue to this- it encompasses overwhelmingly the “Brown” civilization. It is the furthest Conquest of Magian Cultural Soul, confined to peoples of certain phenotypic peculiarities and prehistoric environment; those such areas of Eurasia and North Africa which avoided the worst of our ice age’s sheet. Exceptions along the edges which are: Chechen, Uyghur, Punjabi, Javan, Anatolian, Bosnian, Sudanese, Grenadian, Turk- carry forth fearful, brutal memories and whom quake with irredentist tumult to this day.  All aside our own thoughts on any conflict zone or perceived theological truth, past or present;- HRx must praise Mohammetdon resistance to Pacifism sincerely.

Such Weztern impulses that would come to demand Paci conventions, constitutions, treaties, understandings and accords between the globe was, ultimately,  a child of the seventeenth century. Protestantism brought about a storm of religious speculation and discussion. Fed upon by the monastics of the age prior and the Counter Reformation rivalry, it  spawned volumes of literature on the justness of violence, as strife on confessional lines spiraled into total horror. Spanish inquisitions, privateering, and a Thirty Year’s War transitioned happily to the beautiful gentleman’s wars of the 18th century, limited in scope and brutality. Westphalian moderation was unfortunately only part of this response. Dissenters in Britain and extreme protestants in the old Lotharingian lands formulated kooky Utopian visions which included Pacifism.

These aforementioned areas, but most especially South East England, the United Provinces, Geneva, and some Huguenot towns; were not just extremely Protestant but extremely violent in the 17th century. It should be no surprise that the temples and kangaroo courts of Pacifism are in The Hague and Geneva, the seminal text of human rights international law is the Geneva Convention, there of all places! Yes, the same theocratic principality which Calvin preached and Rousseau scribbled. Pacifism is an issue where the crypto-Calvinist hypothesis is iron tight, its conquest the world over is directly linked to the martial and material successes of England and New England. Your average progressive’s devotions for “World Peace” are like something out of a Quaker’s sermon. In media a character often makes a comment that “World Peace” would be their dearest wish, really? We’re so conditioned to this idealism that such a theological phenomena squeaks by all anti-bodies.

Besides Rousseauean happy claps there’s also the dialectical materialist interpretation of pacifism. Classical Marxists and  fellow travelers perceive war making as a scheme of the Military-Industrial complex. War profiteers allegedly steer governments into battle for their own self interest, diverting labor and capital away from workers’ well being. This interpretation reached a zenith in 1918, the Bolsheviks and the accompanying Leftist revolutions in Europe, foremost being Ireland and Weimar. Once Stalin won a M.I.C. of his own, this brand of Pacifism was dropped by the Reds (if they ever had it at all) and taken up instead by social-democrats and the broader liberal left. To this day materialist Pacifism dominates our universities, most continental political parties, and much of the non-Islamic third world. In my AP European History class we sat through the polemical film mentioned at the start of this paragraph. It mostly cashed in on the anti-Iraq war sentiment (Saddam was super volkisch, screw Dubya). They look at the huge bills for military spending and shriek in horror, my disdain for this camp aside, the costs of armaments are admittedly enormous. NATO’s “free market” M.I.C. inflates costs by a considerable margin, Russian/Chinese equipment is a little worse but often a fraction of the cost.

Libertarians, as I like to say, are Marxists in inverse, their attitudes on violence are close to the same. One attacks when private property is violated, the other when the workers are violated. Collective or personal in inclination, they loath the martial virtues as barbarous obstacles to material growth. Libertykin have coined the term Welfare-Warfare state to attack “statism” at both portions of the sovereign duty. In some respects, Libertarians are even more pacifistic than their Leftist cousins, as historically the Liberal regimes of the 19th century were far less bloodthirsty than populist democracies and Red socialisms. Libertarians can’t really justify total war ideologically, but the Left definitely can and has done so. It’s also no surprise that Communism and Libertarianism came from mercantile peoples who in the late modern area suffered humiliating defeats by the swords of the manlier races. Namely Anglo-Sino-Jewish(-Gallic?) avarice versus PrussianYamato-Magyar(-Turkish?) militarism.

It was of course not a Misesian or Leninist peace plan that settled the First European Civil War, but a Wilsonian one. Cathedralist Pacifism as we know it inserted itself to the Entente side by way of Washington and has never lost the upper hand. What France and Italy wanted was far less idealistic and nationally focused. The US entered the war to “end militarism” and “make the world safe for Democracy”- translated to “enforce Pacifism” and “outlaw autocracy”. Moldbug provides us with a fantastic source on the nature of the Wilsonian ideology. Though Wik gives a satisfactory description from Herron alone.

“And so it came about that Professor Herron, pacifist, Socialist, and internationalist, became ardently pro-Ally at the beginning of the war and remained pro-Ally to the end. His faith never left him. Knowing as he did the iniquities of the Entente Powers, the secret treaties and understandings, the jockeying and trading for economic and political advantages even during the progress of the war, and the frightful anachronism of the Russian autocracy, he could still believe that the only hope for a change world lay in the overthrow of the German system. The evils in the polity and social organization of England, France, and Italy were bad enough, but they were eradicable; the evils in Prussianism were basic, innate, ineradicable. It was inevitable, therefore, that he should have desired the entry of the United States into the struggle.”

It is understandable for WWI to elicit such a response, but the League of Nation dreamers perceived they were dealing with a beast more perfect than Man. War was ostensibly outlawed with the Kellogg-Briand pact, which as our high school textbook tells us, directly led to “appeasement” and the Second European Civil War. Is it any surprise that Kellogg and Wilson are both the name of internationalist NGOs with massive endowments? Democracy, when it fights to its Right, goes all out, drafting the whole population and directing the whole economy to annihilate the enemy. “Unconditional surrender” and regime change for the adversary is the only way democracies accept winning, suing for peace with an exchange of territory is completely out of the question.

Both the New Deal Republic and the USSR were ostensibly pacifistic, coupled with mutually assured destruction, the Cold War was kept cold. Pacifism reformed again as the avocation of unilateral disarmament, the well known “peace symbol” is code for nuclear disarmament. The cause to reduce nukes has been sublimated into the cacophony of Green grievance and none of the nation’s with nukes look to be giving the up anytime soon. They did have one notable success  though, Congress South Africa, a blue imperial child Immaculately born from the XXX chromosome womb of State. Our Rainbow Nation gave up their nuclear weapons as a pact of third world post-colonial beta good faith. Disarmament has gone beyond weapons of mass destruction to include the proposed banning of automatic weapons, heavy weapons, basically any fire arm, even knives. Destroying potentially trillions of dollars of products is so idealistic it poignantly signals the nihilism and ravenous lunacy of the progressive vision. “No item on this earth may come between us and Peace, burn the phallic idols of fascism, such shall please Hera, Demos, and Moloc”. As any NRA cardholder could tell you, gun control will do little to stop violence, the right to bear arms isn’t even about safety but about rebellion. To be honest, I cannot see the pro ‘gun control’ side as anything but a saccharine evil that seeks to bring mankind closer to the neutered r/ selected matriarchal rat hive society.

Peace to ZOG, or whomever;  is actually far more violent than past centuries but on the magistrates’ ledger it appears best of ever, less States are openly at war but at a terrible cost. The Twentieth Century , the Century where Militarism was roundly defeated twice, has been so cruel a century it is beyond our comprehension. To the pacifist an appalling amount of low level violence is acceptable to prevent the use of symmetrical force. Pacifists almost always side with the guerrilla or gangster over the soldier who wishes to stop them. They turn a blind-eye to Sunni Islamists, antifa hotheads, or gangbangers holding territory and terrorizing citizens- wailing whenever a force is organized against them.

Regardless, the League and its successor, the UN, are super-American institutions whose major goal is to broker and enforce peace. Ultimately, as the League’s failure proved, such a stable coordination was only possible by American guns and the bankers’ credit. To enact this peace America (and its DoD clients) have become the martial leviathan their ancestors worked so hard to prevent, Whig wars have continued to be necessary to maintain the movement “towards” world peace. Pacifism, like Communism, Democracy, or Free-Markets cannot exist outside the realm of abstraction and temporary circumstance. War is politics taken to its extreme, they are inseparable human phenomena, as long as [geo]politics continues to exist, war will also. This next century looks to have plenty war in store, some of which will be HRx’s best chances at taking power, we must champion the right of combat because through it we may win back our civilizations.

*- Thanks for nickbsteves in the comments for pointing out my error spelling “Pacifism” as “passivism” in nearly half of the instances of the original draft. Passivism is part of Moldbug’s plan for Reactionary conduct to smoothly transition into a sane regime, it essentially means non-activism and to abstain from participating in the democratic grievance game. While I do have problems with the “reset”, neocameralism, and stockholder rule (why this blog is HRx not NRx), I do generally agree with passivism in most instances. Trying to beat the Left as the louder wailing mob is absurd and a waste of effort, it is a game which is designed for us to lose. We have to remember our enemies are usually ill informed, crazy, or evil- it’s hard for them to quantify our activities and beliefs. By being active we elicit their hate and bring their armies against our defenses before we have time to fortify and recruit. This is largely why I am quite distrustful of the Trumpenführer memeplex, as it has swiftly calcified opposition to many genuinely Rightist ideas at an astonishing rate, outpacing whatever shifts to the Overton Window it may have achieved. There are some causes that may be worth our energy, if only to stop them from drifting in a demotist/neocon direction, those being: anti-feminism, anti-Islam, Southern secession, the gold standard, and Euroskepticism.






Syria Through a Classic International Law Interpretation


This post will unquestionably not be the last on the Syrian war, as it’s looking to last at least a year longer. My considerable recent concentration on these events will make Syria a good topic for a first post of content. Syria is the centre of the world at the moment, all eyes now linger on that ancient land, Sauron’s and otherwise.

A brief word on the basics: Regime change was planned for Middle Eastern nations hostile to the US early on in the Bush administration. This was put on hold due to the two wars and the planned war circa 2008 against Iran but the plans were never scrapped. With the rather Hawkish secretariat of madame Clinton plans were eventually set in motion. The beast was unleashed across Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria in 2011 through the help of social media demagoguery. Egypt returned to the familiar military despotism, Libya burnt into black anarchy, Tunisia was rather successful for State.

Syria soon became a war zone as Assad and Turkish false-flaggers fired on his mob. Assad acted rather leniently by our standards but enough to trigger State and co. into chaosmancer mode. An Iranian vs. Saudi proxy war soon coalesced with their associate allies leaning in and raising the stakes. It has now become a veritable “world” war between East and West, NATO and SCO. Fabricated chemical weapons attacks brought Washington and vassals at the brink of invasion but concerns over elections and popularity fumbled the opportunity for attack. It has followed the Lebanese Civil War, Yemeni Civil War (1990s), and the Iran-Iraq War as the region destabilizing super conflict. Sectarian issues and the Israeli question have also played key roles but by themselves cannot define the crisis, irrespective of what some commentators may wish.

Westerners, especially those who cannot speak Arabic, are mentally & spiritually unable to grasp the nuance of the events. That should not prevent us from drawing conclusion from the Essential facts at play, which after five years are well cataloged. One such fact is that regardless of demotist elements, Ba’athism is one of the most illiberal ideologies to govern a state in the world today. While this may be a bit presumptive of a proclamation- HRx is 100% behind Dr. Assad. This will need some elaboration and I hope it doesn’t infuriate my Zionist readers (Froude Society is a relatively semitophillic blog).

One must first consider the common enemies of HRx and the Loyalists; they are numerous but namely include that perfidious devil– USG Department of State. Democratic imperialism is by far the biggest obstacle in the way of returning to classic international law, the very existence of human rights kangaroo courts and democratic governance are travesties to the Reactionary. Any chance to buck those demons must be seized! By resisting Demos, Dr. Assad has canonized himself as hero of sovereignty and hierarchical rule. Opposition forces, while overwhelmingly Islamist, have furthermore adopted a liberationist Sunni creed  that is truly horrifying. Yes, the “igslamic gommuism” that the American angry spurdo meme warned us of! To what degree the militants are serious is unknown, the Soviet-Afghan war taught us that Muslims have no problem using taqiyya to get weapons from desperate progressive powers. There’s probably legitimately good goyim in the late Division 30 and “Syrian Democratic Forces”.

Moldbug goes into some detail how the independent Arab states were a disaster. There’s nothing in the post I disagree with, I’ve read Modern Egypt, colonialism was clearly better for the region than what followed. Nevertheless, we must keep in mind the real enemy is the Western proponent of post-Colonialism, not the native peoples. Ba’athism translates roughly into “revival”, epistemologically that sounds great, basically Restoration. The founding intellectuals of the movement were inspired by Spengler according to La Wik. Nasser even hosted Yockey’s council. Though ostensibly socialist, their brand of socialism is clearly not Marxist egalitarian socialism but rather Authoritarian Ethical Socialism. When neocons called Saddam an “Islamo Fascist” they weren’t too far off from the truth. Ba’athism is also militaristic and imperialistic, though unfortunately those efforts have been relegated to revanchism vis-à-vis the Jewish state. Syria’s chances of reconquering the Golan are minute in the medium term, as the mountains are critical for Israel’s water and now, shale gas.

Another interesting Loyalist force is the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, their flag a broad, curved red swastika on a black field. Though probably too far to the Left for our approval, they epitomize the Pan-Arabist movement that was also championed by Ba’ath, but which fell through due to mutual rivalry. SSNP, of course, hates Israel and the Jews passionately, they never forgot the Führer’s dream of a Levant united under Syria as well as his sincere admiration for Islamic civilization. Pan Arabism is quite interesting, the small size of the middle eastern states has prevented any besides Turkey from being all that fearsome. Even the populace Egypt with an annexed Suez could not advance to the point of international relevance. Oil wealth was squandered by the Gulf “monarchies” on degeneracy, opulence, and wahabbi extremism.

Professional and tactically gosu compared to the overwhelmingly irregular combatants is Hezbollah. Paramilitarism will likely be of tremendous importance for the far-Right moving forward so it’s critical we learn from the most fearsome paramilitary in the world today. If Nasrallah’s speeches are any indication, the Lebanese Resistance is a spiritually vigorous cluster of memes, in tune with the age of Absolute Politics. Like their Iranian sponsors, the degree of demotic, anti-“oppression”, and post-colonialist rhetoric expressed by HZB is disturbing. Regardless of superficial similarities, the Cathedral has no palpable influence on the Shi’ite militia’s policy or how they govern their territories. They see their involvement in Syria as a single war of struggle, their geographic location ensuring this war is a preview of carnage to come. I’m certain Israel could still pwn HZB, especially in the short term while the Resistance has many troops tied down at a distance, but the gap between these two foes is narrowing. Furthermore, if present trends continue the Shi’ite axis will outpace technologically, militarily, demographically, and economically the GCC, little David can’t prop up such rusty golems forever.

As a progressive could tell you confidently, violence begets more violence. Well, that’s not always true, but in the context of this discussion, the military training being undertaken by these hundreds of thousands of men will have serious consequences. “Peace inda Middle East” will probably not occur in our lifetimes. Strife will ensure birthrates remain high and the martial virtues be kept tightly in the hearts of the people. Billboards in Beirut bear the face of martyrs; near my old apartment there was a billboard of a smiling middle age black woman advertising the happiness and security that comes with an HIV/AIDS test. Islamic civilization will bury most of the West at present trends.

Bringing the discussion back to Syria, democracy is being rebuffed by a manly despot, this is the silver lining between all the carnage and suffering. State and their fanatical Islamist abominations are on the retreat after only seven years of inner party indecisive cowardice. Even those nations who imbibe the elixer of ballot box anarchy are becoming non-Democratic through outer-party consolidation- Likud and AKP being the best examples. Fellaheen populations are squarely incompatible with parliamentarianism, liberalism, and capitalism- to Western Brahmins’ several centuries long dismay. As the West draws the blade across her wrist and settles into the warm Greek bath of effeminate suicide, spears crack shields just beyond the Bosporus. A collapsing West is not where the critical civic events of our time are occurring, ignoring the Near East because it’s unstable is symptomatic of a civic culture totally out of tune with the natural priorities of Classical politics. It really doesn’t matter what Congress does about Planned Parenthood or how deep Yeb Bush cuckolds himself, the enduring obsession with petty idpolitics and sham actors is still far too great amongst the Rightosphere. What’s of lasting importance and cosmic gravity is happening on the ramparts of Jisr al-Shughoor, the hills of Afrin, the deserts of Palmyra, the walls of Fallujah.

Edit: almost forgot the most important links to stay up2d8 on Syria
Syrian Perspective– it’s like reading Goebbels, Pravda, or OWI, some of the best propaganda poetry on the net, phenomenally entertaining stuff.The Arab Source– best english language source for Assadist news, updated frequently so check often.

Why call it Froude Society?

The name for this blog has been evident for quite some time. This blogger is a rather hardcore Moldbugian, though not a neocameralist, I’ve read our nega-Marx a little too much, going over important articles and their comments many times over. Froude is a canonical author in the formalist-royalist framework and deserves even more attention than he has hitherto received. He is an exceptionally poignant voice for imperialism, since I’d describe myself truthfully as an Imperialist Reactionary I can’t help but feel Froude is quite close to expressing the true civic soul of the West, or at the very least my interpretation of it.

As Carlyle’s biographer, Froude is to some degree the first neo-reactionary. If one considers Carlyle as the resounding echo of old Europe, then Froude is the diviner that translates the Message. We’re all like Froude now, ones who see the system as an intolerable, irreconcilable failure. While he died at dusk in 1894, we are living well into the night. Moldbug instructed us to all join the Froude society and so we must, the civic life of the Restoration has already blossomed. We have the opportunity to discuss the issues of our day in a manner unavailable to all but our most fortunate fathers and grandfathers, Truth shall be the foremost mission of this humble blog.

An Introduction

This blog is intended to be a another patch in the already quite voluminous reactosphere, though I’m not sure how profitable or enlightening my contributions may be to the eventual reader. I’m entering this writing game after over a full year of being a convert to counter-revolutionary ideas and hope that the practice of writing in a public forum will allow me to give a more substantial contribution to our cause later in my years. At a measly twenty one years of age and still an undergraduate my standards of scholarship will be well below what one should respect and seek out. Even if this is only read by those close to me it will serve as a my battlefield in this online war of ideas.