Why BAPism, why now.

Moldbug’s acknowledgement of Bronze Age Pervert as his leader is a unifying moment for the whole Right. Reaction and Fascism have fused themselves under the most powerful man, the most free man. Moldbug’s formalist theory of leadership selection was fulfilled by BAP for over a year now. He is who is worthy and is to recieve power. Since the meme stuck that ‘BAP is the leader of the alt-Right’, he became, in fact, the leader in all truth. Only he has the lordly gift of natural command. Only he has the ferociousness of character to wield wrathful power to its full justice! 

Every essentialist must submit to the man divinely selected. If one does not submit then one ought not to be trusted in any manner of security or of the soul.  If we are to cut apart the devils of this world then we must forge our dust into the cutting & thrusting bronzed edge of restoration. We are heated by a sun which has sired a champion of a thousand hour meditation under it, within his dominion there is revelation. Energy and vitality, the spinning chariot wheel, the burning metabolic body sculpture. The steamy tropical cycles of incomprehensible beauty and death.

In every respect the Bapist path is the perfect reaction against the present modern state. If we are faced with the life destroying enemy of hideous undifferentiated gynokratia then the counter to it is beautiful ultra-patriarchy. Traditional reaction comes at the question of what to do in a power-political sense. The enemy though has become broadly ignorant and alienated from its own power-political theory. Instead, the enemy has come to define itself corporeally more and more. Now we see them wearing depictions of their genitals as head regalia at their threat displays. We hear them use the neo-materialist claptrap of “black bodies”, “latinx bodies” or “bodies of color” &c. because the enemy has dropped much of their psuedo-spiritual humanitarian ethos. They take to the streets with their progestronic forms on behalf of their progestronic forms. We will end their terrorism by a display of the mightiest possible testosteronic intimidation. By the objective superiority of the body will the doctrine of corporeal equality be extinguished, inshallah.

They have taken their own sexual chemicals to fully destroy the long held social arrangement of our exalted fathers. Bronze age pervertism put obese matriarchy to the grave for five thousand years and it can be done again, gods willing. We have an advantage too that men of the last several generations did not, the degeneracy of the 1880s onward can be firmly placed on a slackening and weakening of men. We can press the advantage of physical training and our own far more advanced and diverse repitoire of hormones to defeat the foe. With such a wealth of knowledge we are able to persue an aesthetic ideal that is the most Reactionary and Heroic to ever may have yet existed, we may please the gods by our beauty so they may bless us. Even though we are so unfree from doing many admirable deeds.

The Cathedral maintains its markets, its bureaucracy and its culture by this unsustainable gender anarchy. A gender war must be fought in order to win the metapolitical battle, BAPism is the only viable path of action, natalism under current circumstance is difficult and far too private. BAP is able to redeem the racial aspect of the alt-Right by firmly placing Aryanism well before Europeanism, he uplifts the race from the shameful mummery of the clay mother goddess statuette into the warm bounds of the marble solar pantheon. Instead of celebrating technical accomplishment or refinement he asks us to remember war making and ferocity. 

Bursting away the built up rust of the last centuries so new myths may be sung. He frees us from the constrictions of historicism and geographism- placing the race question in the light of the Faustian imperial infinity. By having us all take up barbarism the Right is spared from the civcuck middling elements having too much a say, steppe-barbarism and piracy is the purity spiral that can drill us back up out of this whirlpool. This new culture will be anti-fragile to the attaqs against it, it will soon give us victory. 

Long live our liege lord.

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