Sowing Seeds on Desecrated Ground


There has been much talk about the need to save the West [&Japan] by a resurgence of birthrates. Our held notion is that more children of civilized parentage will be better for mankind and civilization itself. Yet, it has verily became a “Morrison’s Pill” for the ‘alt-Right’, a thing that ought to be done, that WILL remedy our sickness and symptoms. Coming at it from the presupposition of modernity that a higher numerical count at one end of the ledger, invariably moved there by policies; will, surely, by the laws of reigning quantity, reverse the slide towards chaos and doom. “More h’white babyz” is the panacea to the destruction, says our friendly masuclinist demographer. Patriarchy is surely mandatory for order and ample reproduction, it is also true the West is crawling to a genetic halt. These imperative issues are paired with a formulaic lamentation on the nature of gender that is far too optimistic and selectively blind, the state of these troubles is far harder to fix than most any give credit to.

Much of the discussion is framed in economic terms: “we must reregulate the “sexual marketplace””, “we must cast out the dysgenic welfare state”, “capitalism will stop the barbarians from breeding”, ” women need to exit the workforce”, “one man should be able to be the breadwinner again”, ” rent and education costs is too damn high”, etc. This [gender] is the most discussed topic in our ideologies, I trust you already have gotten the picture. Materialistic thinking has sidelined the surreally horrifying culture now in being. I will go as far as to say more children at the current hour is unlikely to be fruitful, especially for homes of good but apolitical stock that would rear outside the influence of Reactionary attitudes.

A qualification, is needed, I am far too young a man to be an authority on this, furthermore I am an only child, though my parents come from families of eight and five children. Not that most commentary on this matter is not also amateur. The purpose of this article is mearly to apply HRx values and insight to the question heretofore.

“Joy to us, for God has given us new life” – a universal refrain sung by all before even man was man. From this Darwinian pack jubilation the tribe is quickly sobered by incessant wails, the new-seen hand greedily clutching for scarce meat. What reptilian drives that brought the babe forth to them were soon in the hindmost, r/selected mechanisms that unfolded nearly at their own volition created a new member for k/ selected society. Consequences for the materialization of that new soul are only immediately understood by the bearing mother, even then she shall excuse all the externalities of the It. Thus is the problem our manospherian pundit now too, is met with;- that the disruption of the environment caused by progeny is rarely ever considered in the fullest breadth.

A child was tough for Neolithic man because of how it compromised security or the extra calories it needed, or the disharmony brought about by paternal disputes. None of these are fully foregone issues, being solved in part by teachology for the corresponding functionalities. In the modern age, spiritual-cultural problems have , in areas of relative excess, totally eclipsed the material in precedent, this applies just as much to birthing as any other area dealing with human beings. When one makes considerations on whether or not to take this or that action on behalf of their child, one only decides after a whole mass of cultural mores give their say. As all has degenerated, so has parenting,  disorder and un-truth are as much the rule here as anywhere.

What I first must note is that essentially mother and father are also slave to the child, but most especially the mother. They are tasked with fulfilling whatever absurd demand is dreamt up the ‘youngin. These tasks are often highly arbitrary, labour intensive, and absolutely useless to the child’s development. Yet to avoid issue with the beast, she will indulge whatever fancy it falls into expressing. Those who drink daily at the well of elitist philosophy do not comprehend how stupid and nonsensical children factually are. Around seven or so they emerge as rational individuals in their own right, but before then they are not going to produce nearly anything of substance for you aside from the sublime, hormonal, and egotistical. I must presume that the campaign for more smart babies is a response to being surrounded by idiots and wishing for a better state of things, I empathize with that improvement more than you can imagine. Yet, I understand that any young spawn is, in many if not most ways, more of a pleb than any given thrall off the streets.

To be a slave to one’s child is a sign of devotion, to buy up a nanny or an equivalent service is frowned on. We do recall that wet nursing, full time servants, and sending kids off for years long periods were all common phenomena for the most regal of generations. Free wage babysitters and 6 hour public disciplinary holding pens are, as you are well already aware, antithetical to all our goals. Personal tutoring, or some equivalent that can produce exceptional scholarly achievement is also vital. For myself at least, I feel there is no burden more demanding than trying to overcome my contemporary education, classical education was exponentially better. The best of us are pathetic by elite Edwardian standards, all the while Titanic sages to the wild public. Most Brahmins and Optimates we would classify of a good pedigree are not qualified in character or wisdom.

Those who breed without militant ideology would turn to the whirlwind of tumbling helpful sources out there, most of which is detestable to us, with nauseous formulæs of Supreme Love lining shelves and holding primacy in search results. Developmental psychology is the enemy here, but we must concede to them some inscrutable facts. Namely first, that growing up is a slow absorbtive process, taking close to a decade to get the hardwiring laid down. But we are also told that- to a large degree- what occurs during the early period is everything [-and nothing]. What is good and what is bad is deal making or deal breaking. Since we are such staunch partisans for Nature in ye ‘ole versus nurture debate, we must rebuke the hysteria of youthful vulnerability. Details which moderns kvetch and yowl over are meaningless in the longrun. With basic needs met good genes will do the work for us, and by basic we do mean only: food, water, shelter, and love. Subsistence living, actual subsistence living, for children is legally “abuse”, but I doubt they would much mind, kids are extremely adaptable.

Historically we know that in the West, and all places really, most parts of society had servants to attend to their children’s duties. Even breast feeding was given up to wet nurses, fathers spent relatively little time with babes and would probably not infantilize themselves for the hatchlings’ amusement. Mothers were vital to many functions but were prone to outsourcing much of the maddening grind, even if it was just to the older daughters.Pre-Rousseauian parenting was absentee and neglectful, yet the 18th century was the highest civilization ever reached, with no one giving a damn about the minutia of diet or sensitivity. Carlyle went cold and malnourished a few times in his youngest days, it being the tough era of the Napoleonic wars, yet, he is smarter than any of us (or of them) raised on Gerber’s Yams® and digitally monitored head sleeping positions!

So, we have this rather compelling notion that modern micromanagerial parenting is intrusive and a useless stressor. That is juxtaposed with the fact that raising a child in a sufficiently noble manner is fundamentally impossible given the grand mass of subverting, opposing actors. Public schools are half prison and half maddrassa, private schools are rapidly declining to keep up with expectations and are an extorting racket. Home schooling runs a horrible social risk and is sadly only available to a few nations. Furthermore, with such a cacophony of potential amusements it is an ever present challenge to steer even oneself, let alone a primitive spawn, into consistently constructive works. One cannot expect to raise a new generation of aristocrats if they’re spending thousands of total hours on videogames or other idle, popular timesinks. You know this, surely you have told yourself that you and your future dear beloved would never fall for such rudimentary pitfalls. Have you considered that the prevailing social lubricants are those latter mentioned idle distractions? (your little prince is much more likely to make a friend discussing Iron Man than his Latin grammar lesson but to deny the latter or allow the former is damnable) Do you have the tenacity to again and again riposte the entry of wickedness? Even if you do hold the line, the threat of rebellion is ever there, it could be only a brief episode, or, at worst, a total loss to the enemy camp.

The managerial state, as it wont to do, wishes for you too, to manage your child, not lead it, certainly not GOVERN it. Modes in use are commonly the worst quackery of that lying devil, “psychology”. Saccharine universalism has combined with a deluge of ” empirical” “studies” on what are the le best means to craft a mustard brown consumption blobule. One of Satan’s favorite phrases :“love conquerors all” is put to action by h’white parents with a searing fanaticism. Dogged cultivation of weakness and excess are the only way a good parent aught to act, to differ from that is “abuse”!  Character is unbuilt by all institutions, those that may buildup some such as sports, are shared with the barbarian and in cases, can guarantee joint injury.

Breeding in 2016 is furthermore ruinous for the man and wife involved with it. Thanks to the usual suspects wrecking the economy you have to be wealthy, not just well-to-do, or “middle class”, but legitimately rich, to fund the optimal environment. Meeting familial economic goals may be a soul death sentence for the working man. Brett has done valuable elucidation on the profane “work” deifying commerce system. “America is a communist country”, therefore all are workers; for your wife to continue to write her poems, for you to continue to hit the gym, are enviable privileges the Peoples’ Market will crush out of yet! Dear ladies, who wither by exposure to a battery of hormonal-chemical baths, transform back to the mammalian mean of mother. This was advantageous via Patriarchy and traditon, today, such passionate surges bend back to maddening anxiety and hysteria. In other words, a low trust society will drive her insane because it is a biological demand but functionally nonexistent.

Assuming that all the intended readership are Brahmins, and in the potential business of multiplying his or her holy caste, then you must reckon with the peculiure difficulties of our ilk. Religion and confessional sect are a priority to you, but Brahmin children are at risk of conversion, even if it’s fully by their own action. Within our trusted confessional grouping, there are great dangers. Drug abuse among Pagan youth can go beyond even my quite liberal standards on stupifyers, Evangelical heresy among Christian youth is chilling, vain retreats to Eastern ascetic ideas can happen to any budding Brahmin. Let us say you do preserve the Truth in their hearts, now what community can they grow that experience with? Unless one lives in the V4, France or maybe Greece and Russia, then there are probably nearly no likeminded comrades for your child to play with, within their traveling distance especially. Urban life is unfortunately unsafe thanks to you know who, rural life is great but lacks some opportunities, suburbia is an abomination. Where to go? Who to go with?

Potential exists to forge the most glorious generation ever, there has never been a stock more majestic and beautiful. Dreadfully, the conditions of infrastructure and social capital are the most inglorious ever. Two individuals devoted to tradition and essential Patriarchy may manage to “ride the Tiger” with their brood, a Herculean feat, but within the range of possibility. Those who could accomplish this are champions, but this new rear guard will have to fight the battles we shall leave unfought. Hopefully Reaction may succeed before they turn of age, but the odds are low. Reaction will have its fiercest struggles in their day, we must pass to them the best tools, which we cannot at present come close to doing.

My stance here has been pessimistic and defeatist, I acknowledge that. Nevertheless, reality is incongruent with rhetoric for the twenty first century Right’s most discussed issue. A large number are in consensus with us on how imperative it is to Restore it, that is fantastic, though I fear that has tricked us into believing that the feat will be easy, it will not be so. Essential sexual röles may be reaped only once much other counter-revolutionizing is taken up simultaneously with it.


9 thoughts on “Sowing Seeds on Desecrated Ground

  1. One way to look at this is that we have turned parenting into control because our society is based on control. Children are no longer a gift to the future, but to the parents, who can alternately show them off and use them as an excuse not to do whatever is inconvenient at the time. Control requires justification and baby bangles give a person superpowers at the office like being able to leave early, a social excuse to do whatever, and of course something to talk about when the chatter of movies, politics and ignoring decline wears thin 🙂


  2. I think the author is young and does not grasp what is possible.

    Orthodox Jews and Haredi Jews, that is, Jews that have grasped the survival and propagation of the Jewish people, have achieved birth rates of 7 and 8 children per woman as averages.

    Members of the ‘Quiverful’ movement in America commonly achieved enormous family sizes.

    I know several of families with 8, 10 and 11 children. This is in Rockville, Maryland, county seat of one of the most liberal and wealthy counties in America.

    If someone has 2 or 3 kids, they may be afraid to ‘lose them to culture.’ If you have 6 or 7 kids, you can ‘lose’ some to culture but still be guaranteed an amazing clan.

    In any case, parents have much influence on their kids. If having good grandchildren is the most important thing for you, then your kids are likely to make it happen.

    If a young religious middle-class couple sets forth the goal of having a large family, it is usually easily possible for them to have an enormous family.

    My point is, don’t give up all hope yet. Very large fertility is possible. Right now, most of the population isn’t even concerned. Concern about populations can only go up from this very low level. Until very recently, overpopulation was the dominant fear.


  3. Erudite and interesting. This is a bit of fisking so I apologize but fertility is a non problem.

    1st, The West is vastly overcrowded anyway. 300+ million in the US and 400+ in Europe is way past social carrying capacity. We don’t like each other well enough for such large numbers. I’m not sure its technological sustainable either but that is not the pressing question

    2nd The West wouldn’t be in trouble if it had closed borders, kicked out foreigners and stopped helping the 3rd world . Its population would age and shrink a little but stabilize. This is a good thing

    3rd Edward Abbey grasped this but almost no one in the .alt right or NrX seems to be able to. Continuous growth is creed of the cancer cell . We do not need it, can live without it and so long as our institutions are not addicted to more more more, it will be fine. we got buy for centuries with basically no growth anyway.

    4th Babies cost money. For many decent IQ long time preference people not driven by religious impulses, they require steady work and a certain standard of living. If they have children this gets cut and as such they are acting rationally, exactly as society expects them too, as homo economicus . Again this is good.

    5th Talk about Stop pushing religion, stop pushing natalism and start pushing better distribution in economics and you’ll have less to worry about. You don’t control it and don’t need to its a self correcting system

    6th The entitlement complex of the elite doesn’t seem to have boundaries, 50% underemployment in much of Europe and what 33% percent in the US and for the US massive wage arbitrage (about half since 1973) and somehow they are expected to pop out kids in favellas , raise them to be smart and educated somehow so they upper crust has serfs they don’t pay to maintain society . Screw that. Look out for yourself and your own interests first and its appears people are doing that. Good on them,


  4. Great essay. I thoroughly enjoyed it. As someone whose reactionary instincts had kicked in before I began having children, it was at one time my stated intention l to rear a brood of 12 little blonde children to offset the demographic spiral we all know so well. Fast forward 5 years, and my wife and I have only one (albeit amazing, and blond) child. The reality of parenting has humbled me as far as my previous hyper-natal ideas, but I do still wish to meet those goals and have as many kids as possible.

    I appreciate the inclusion of education as an issue in the essay too. My family is an an enviable and humbling position where my income allows my wife to stay home to take care of our son, and will allow us to send him to a Montessori type school rather than a public school. I absolutely could not fathom the horror of placing him into public school, and would probably homeschool him over that, but figure out some way to ensure he was around other children 5-6+ hours of the day minimum, to avoid the complete erosion/retardation of social skills/perspective/empathy/self-confidence that too often can accompany homeschooling.

    The question of education in the modern West is a fascinating one, and (I think) highly relevant to Alt-RIght/Identitarian discussions, as is demographics/birthrates/etc. Again, very much enjoyed the article.


    1. Do you think the “social retardation” of homeschoolers you’ve observed (personally? anecdotally? theoretically?) is a reflection of the necessaries of the institution, or the average of the people who have sought refuge in it historically?

      Because I think it’s the latter, and I think “socialization” (without nuance, taken at face value) to be highly overrated. But I am open to the idea that it is the machinery of the schooling itself which is the cause, not the people so engaged. Or should I say, I am wary because of the idea…


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