Ein Volk, Eine Vereinigung, Ein Trumpenführer

Seems everyone has something to say about Trump, I’d think it’d be better to put all my thoughts out at once and early on.

Der Donald is one for the history books, regardless how it turns out, his campaign will forever change the political landscape. He’s dominated the airwaves of pop politics like no figure in my lifetime; he’s pushed the Overton window to the Right and pinned the GOPe like it’s one of his WWE appearances. You’ve heard these points before though, let’s search for some original content in the Froude Society brain trust.

As far as politics goes, it’s a good rule to always look at the reaction as closely as the thing in question. The amount of progressive signaling I’ve seen regarding Trump has been breathtaking in scale and intensity. Though I’m not on many social media sites and am rather reclusive, as far as I can tell, the Left of center populace has exploded in rage. Donald was always a controversial figure being as bombastic and alpha as he is, most of the heat was from feminists over his association with Miss America. Being an “A-List” celebrity since The Apprentice , the public was already familiar enough with him that such a widespread response was easily possible among the ignorant, apathetic. Regardless of what pre-wiring was encoded regarding the Don, the vile aimed at him is an extremely interesting phenomena. It is a great example of the Cathedral flexing its might, you can’t get hundreds of millions of people (worldwide) standing for the “2 minute hate” without some mondo strong piety waves. The anti-Trump coalition is some of our best evidence of our enemies’ true nature as a decentralized religious movement, it coalesced in a short few months and has yet to near its final act. Whenever our enemy makes any sudden movements we must know why and to where. Let’s explore some of the ways the Left’s response to Trump may pan out.

Trump may discredit Democracy to a whole new generation of trve Democrats, especially if he clenches the final victory. Such a situation may give a windfall of support to non-electoral Leftist movements, with millions of Brahmins turning to Communism, Obscurantism and Anarchism. Such a shift may be especially notable within ‘Merica, where the progressive base is downhearted under Obama’s false promises; all the while, progressive Americans have historically cherished democratic institutions. Teflon Don is also a convenient poster child for “fascism”, like Bush before him, he is a uniting point for anti-Americanism and anti-imperialism internationally. It’s so much easier to hate a single individual than an idea- thus, the best way to get people to hate an idea is to get that idea easily lined up behind a single individual. In a way, Trump has taken the media pressure off the rest of the Right by hogging all the microphones, he also solidifies an American version of ballot attempts at counter-Revolution already underway in Europe. A pan-Western alternative Right looks increasingly clear to our foes. The Left tends to grow more extreme when out of office, also more spirited and lively. During the Bush years there was a tremendous amount of progressive scheming and subversion afoot, as a child during that period, I was sadly put under their Jedi mindtricks as well. By attaching themselves to the notion of permanent rebellion, our adversaries gain strength and organization, quaking beneath the shadow of Trump’s mob.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable for the average Brahmin to perceive Trump as literally Hitler, this sparks her deeply programmed fears of fascism. I don’t much disagree with her assessment but I’d have to point out Gentile or Goebbels would roast Trump as a liberal plutocrat. One must remember Fascism and Communism’s dancing relationship, they rise and fall with one another as opposites on the field of liberal democracy, inseparable extrapolations of demotic ideas. This is why there’s also a communist (small c of course) on the ballot, Bernie [mom’s maiden name GLASSBERG] Sanders. It’s loads of fun watching the thinking types “REEEEEEEEEE” at Trump, but in the process we are missing out on the “listen and believe” spectacle of our generation- the campaign for Sander’s nomination. Ire towards Trump has taken the wind out of the positive-comments-only-campaign radiating from America’s #1 Yankee Jew. Materialist ideology has much less pull for the Brahminate now than when Sanders earned his red stripes, therefore his flock isn’t what it could be. Nevertheless, Sanders personifies a legitimate dissatisfaction with neoliberalism that is surely also held by very influential people within the Institutions. Furthermore, if one combines Trump’s support with Bernie’s, Cruz’s, and Carson’s we can estimate over half of the politically active population is against the establishment; that’s huge for an allegedly majoritarian system.

With the “Brown” trap card already face up on the field and Trump’s lifepoints still at 8000, the media does not look to be sending Trump to the Shadow Realm in this round of Yugioh-dueling. Trump is treating the super serious beltway blessings machine as a mere obstacle to beat in order to win his game. I think this disregard for the information organs is what makes them hate Trump the most, he weakens and shames the media by his continued acts of defiance. Even a few apologies or flip-flops may have staved off their wrath, yet he doubled down and dug in so he is now virtually “anti-fragile” from the conventional attacks. Shrugging off the “Brown” card so nonchalantly is incredible, that’s sending the official press back to pre-WWII era power levels. Trump will surely have more gaffs and “unacceptable” opinions before the primaries finish but will probably gain support from some major tragedy, especially if it’s Sunni terror or a financial run.

It’s fun for the Reactionary to take the idea of Democracy as a lowscale civil war to a stronger LARPy metaphor. Trump is a self funded noble rebel with a massive peasant armee that fights without compensation, only for the love of the Prince and hatred for his adversary. The coalition against him looks unbeatable on paper but they’ve been routed at every significant confrontation. Coalition generals promise he’s surrounded but they produce no verifiable casualty reports or territorial exchanges. Trump’s cavalry miraculously evade every new artillery barrage, breaking through they seize the big guns and turn them back around on the scattering forces. Of the Red imperial provinces he’s now invading many notable nobles and generals (Cruz, Carson) have foregone direct confrontation with the Donald, forced into neutrality by mass defections. Necromancers and dark conjurors have tacitly lent their magic to Herr Donald, whom he never recognizes, yet their spells have weakened mental resistances across the realm.

Our sclerotic New Deal state is too feeble to spar with Trump mano-y-mano. The institutions cannot fight Trump on their own but neither can Hillary. He is gifted with a remarkable energy and has sharply criticized Bush and Clinton for a lack of it. This energy is of a classically Protestant nature that is integral to Anglo Fascism, Mosley’s type of Fascism, a deep-seated hatred for indecisive parliamentary chatter.

In the lives of great nations comes the moment of decisions, comes the moment of destiny and this nation again and again in the great hours of fate has swept aside the little men of talk and of delay and has decided to follow men and movements who say we go forward to action! – Oswald Mosley

Trump, never a stranger to effort and perfection, would actually make an attempt at governing well, such a prospect verily terrifies the Cathedral which has deemed good governance as the deadliest political sin. Under budget and ahead of schedule is the opposite of how a bureaucratic democracy wishes to run itself.

Trump has stated many times that he wishes for an election tomorrow. In a non-Anglo/pre-modern political tradition this would mean an armed revolt would have started months ago. Democracy in the West has an uncanny habit of eventually supporting itself. Forceful revolution is unlikely to happen at this level of relative stability but the Trump movement has the Will to overthrow USG, but won’t. Trump has yet to call for violence in his name, which by definition, means he’s not a doctrinal Fascist.

Neocons hate Donald not just for his similarities with “Teutonic nihilists” but for his split from the conventional Jacobin foreign policy. He opposed the Iraq war from the outset and has cited no interest in Whig wars for Democratic post-imperialism. Republicans suffered sticking with Bush era foreign policy with the McCain candidacy but time has passed and they may be able to get away with a new neocon such as Rubio considering the instability of the Middle-East. Donald has already stated he would be “great friends with Vladimir Putin”, personally that’s the biggest reason why I feel Trump’s victory may be necessary, Hillary or an Establishment president may bring us far too close to WWIII. In regards to the unfolding wars Trump is much closer to Putin, and therefore reality, than any of our Trotskyite Reds. Today in Mississippi he went as far as to admit to his crowd that Obama and Clinton created ISIS, such a move should make him a hero to any honest patriot. He’ll be willing to make deals on the diplomatic stage much more akin to classic international law which may end up sacrificing American interests in some troublesome areas. In the words of a Neocon friend:

Trump would cede geopolitical control of the Middle East to Russia

America’s Empire must be weakened if not destroyed for the far-Right to succeed. How far Trump could destroy the Empire is hard to gauge, he’d hardly lower defense spending, in the aforementioned speech he said he was “the most militaristic person in the room”. Regardless of what the DoD priests may warn, I fear Trump may ultimately strengthen the Union’s international might, which would be a disastrous for the Reactionary interest. Hillary or Bernie would guarantee a rapid State Department driven decay into maddened mismanagement. Trump also (ostensibly) knows the warrior caste well and wholeheartedly respects their well being.

Moldbuggian five class analysis well explains the Trump phenomenon, better than any of the media talking heads. Visyas, those of the warrior caste, have hitherto been led by Optimates for several generations, being a lower class without agency Visyas are conditioned to need an Optimate champion to act upon their ignored wishes. The OV alliance has always been a dishonest one, with Optimates frequently underselling V interests by siding with financial powers, liberal thinkers, and militant globalists over their serfs. Trump is the perfect Optimate, his name is synonymous with the very class, every detail of his life strengthens this realization; from the golf courses, to the New York pedigree, to the super model south-Slav wives. Self-funding his campaign essentially announces to the other Optimates that he is going rogue, he doesn’t need a coalition of loyal peers to approve of his actions. I’m skeptical of how much campaign money and Citizens United really effects matters, plutocracy is the way for the US of A, how many 30sec cable ads in October one can barrage seems rather insignificant. What matters from these donations is allegiance- he rejects the methodology of bourgeoisie medium scale political special interest webs- i.e. cigar room old boys club cabals. Such vigorous independence is anti-Republican at its most literal sense and sets Trump up to be quite the Authoritarian. Though such a break from the pack is probably overwhelmingly ego driven, Trump sees himself as a winner and doesn’t need anyone else to help him.

Trump’s support is almost entirely Visya in numbers but he has the ability to levy more Dalits than any other Republican could. Among Dalit blacks and whites Trump is a figure worthy of honest respect. Take a look at this video, Trump has been mentioned in rap music for over a quarter century, his alpha swag compared side-by-side with the toxic Queen Clinton is enough to suppress the Obama Dalit surge as well as overall turnout. Intellectually and memetically Trump has tapped into the potential of the new Rightist Brahminate throughout the West. Amongst young Western men we see more and more that the only political opinions enthusiastically preached are of the far-Right. Outside of places like reddit occupied by Leftists or three letter agencies, only pro-Trump stances are passionately argued for, all the other candidates are worthy of but a brief glance. Western millennial men are incredibly apathetic to politics, supporting Trump is cool because he is contrarian and entertaining. Genuinely thinking Donald will save us all will get you kicked from the HRx and NRx Sith Lord club houses, yet tacit support for his whirlwind of chaos should be very much expected by us at this late hour. Under the veil of this chaos we may corral some warriors out from under their cruel masters to the banner of dissident counter-revolution. We can expose the Vs and Ds to the manly despotism they naturally prefer.

Democracy by being so idealistic has allowed itself to be injured. Such is its critical fragility, anti-democratic thoughts can mortally threaten the system by the formulaic, egalitarian electoral process. If the New Deal Republic had the ability to “draw a red line” to exclude men like Trump it would, yet, the fiction that “any 35 year old natural born citizen can be president” is imperative to the Union’s legitimacy. Trump called the bluff and is now in the process of destroying the Outer party. America’s two party arrangement is rather precarious as we have seen by the examples of her clients where one of the parties falls by some chain of events into a languishing obscurity, Labour in Britain is currently experiencing this by the leadership of treasonous Jeremy Corbyn. Same with the Left in Israel whose timidity about security and quisling enthusiasm about “peace” has  cemented a Likud + allies coalition. Republicans already suffered a period of total weakness from 1930-1948, this can happen again and is likely to transpire, they have lost 5 out of the last 6 popular votes for presidency and are demographically doomed. Ignorant of the cultures they vainly appeal to, the GOPe decided for the 2016 election they would be open-borders and more “moderate” than ever. Also, for downright nefarious reasons, sometime in late 2014, they decided Yeb Bush would be the candidate of choice. By the Republican establishment acting nearly identical to the Democrats, Trump has exposed the dog & pony show for all to see.

Trump is extremely confident about his own victory but I’m not. Not enough people like him to go out and vote Red to overcome the expected Inner Party activism. We can predict the community organizers to fight against him with an unprecedented ferocity and zeal, Clinton or Sanders they won’t care. USG only fights with its full heart when it knows it’s fighting to its Right, with Trump they will struggle against as if he were Tojo or the Kaiser. Voter fraud is completely possible, both at the primary and general election. Even if the election is an honest one, too many reliable conservative voters will never vote for Trump, they’ve bought into establishment morality and will not be caught signaling for a heretic. Traditionally unmoved registered Democrats will show up in the millions to repudiate a man they now despise.


9 thoughts on “Ein Volk, Eine Vereinigung, Ein Trumpenführer

  1. Thanks for this interesting post. But…Yugioh references? If you meme any harder than Warhammer 40K you’ll run the risk of seeming a nebbish!


    1. Haha, I figured a kids’ cartoon reference would be an accessible enough joke for everyone to laugh at. I had Yugioh on the mind after finding my old cards in the parents’ garage, which led to some games with my roommates. You have a point though, the Yugioh community is strangely present on the entry-level “Disdain For Plebs” facebook page. Which isn’t exactly the level of quality we want here at Froude Society.

      But, also there’s the obvious “Trump Card” phrase that was very much implied. Should have included this image http://imgur.com/WNmNEEi or another similar one I found but none were good shops.

      Nevertheless, I find the “God Emperor” meme extremely over done and Warhammer kind of cringey, granted I’ve never played it. My roleplaying friend tells me it’s quite entry level to boot.


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