Syria Through a Classic International Law Interpretation


This post will unquestionably not be the last on the Syrian war, as it’s looking to last at least a year longer. My considerable recent concentration on these events will make Syria a good topic for a first post of content. Syria is the centre of the world at the moment, all eyes now linger on that ancient land, Sauron’s and otherwise.

A brief word on the basics: Regime change was planned for Middle Eastern nations hostile to the US early on in the Bush administration. This was put on hold due to the two wars and the planned war circa 2008 against Iran but the plans were never scrapped. With the rather Hawkish secretariat of madame Clinton plans were eventually set in motion. The beast was unleashed across Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria in 2011 through the help of social media demagoguery. Egypt returned to the familiar military despotism, Libya burnt into black anarchy, Tunisia was rather successful for State.

Syria soon became a war zone as Assad and Turkish false-flaggers fired on his mob. Assad acted rather leniently by our standards but enough to trigger State and co. into chaosmancer mode. An Iranian vs. Saudi proxy war soon coalesced with their associate allies leaning in and raising the stakes. It has now become a veritable “world” war between East and West, NATO and SCO. Fabricated chemical weapons attacks brought Washington and vassals at the brink of invasion but concerns over elections and popularity fumbled the opportunity for attack. It has followed the Lebanese Civil War, Yemeni Civil War (1990s), and the Iran-Iraq War as the region destabilizing super conflict. Sectarian issues and the Israeli question have also played key roles but by themselves cannot define the crisis, irrespective of what some commentators may wish.

Westerners, especially those who cannot speak Arabic, are mentally & spiritually unable to grasp the nuance of the events. That should not prevent us from drawing conclusion from the Essential facts at play, which after five years are well cataloged. One such fact is that regardless of demotist elements, Ba’athism is one of the most illiberal ideologies to govern a state in the world today. While this may be a bit presumptive of a proclamation- HRx is 100% behind Dr. Assad. This will need some elaboration and I hope it doesn’t infuriate my Zionist readers (Froude Society is a relatively semitophillic blog).

One must first consider the common enemies of HRx and the Loyalists; they are numerous but namely include that perfidious devil– USG Department of State. Democratic imperialism is by far the biggest obstacle in the way of returning to classic international law, the very existence of human rights kangaroo courts and democratic governance are travesties to the Reactionary. Any chance to buck those demons must be seized! By resisting Demos, Dr. Assad has canonized himself as hero of sovereignty and hierarchical rule. Opposition forces, while overwhelmingly Islamist, have furthermore adopted a liberationist Sunni creed  that is truly horrifying. Yes, the “igslamic gommuism” that the American angry spurdo meme warned us of! To what degree the militants are serious is unknown, the Soviet-Afghan war taught us that Muslims have no problem using taqiyya to get weapons from desperate progressive powers. There’s probably legitimately good goyim in the late Division 30 and “Syrian Democratic Forces”.

Moldbug goes into some detail how the independent Arab states were a disaster. There’s nothing in the post I disagree with, I’ve read Modern Egypt, colonialism was clearly better for the region than what followed. Nevertheless, we must keep in mind the real enemy is the Western proponent of post-Colonialism, not the native peoples. Ba’athism translates roughly into “revival”, epistemologically that sounds great, basically Restoration. The founding intellectuals of the movement were inspired by Spengler according to La Wik. Nasser even hosted Yockey’s council. Though ostensibly socialist, their brand of socialism is clearly not Marxist egalitarian socialism but rather Authoritarian Ethical Socialism. When neocons called Saddam an “Islamo Fascist” they weren’t too far off from the truth. Ba’athism is also militaristic and imperialistic, though unfortunately those efforts have been relegated to revanchism vis-à-vis the Jewish state. Syria’s chances of reconquering the Golan are minute in the medium term, as the mountains are critical for Israel’s water and now, shale gas.

Another interesting Loyalist force is the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, their flag a broad, curved red swastika on a black field. Though probably too far to the Left for our approval, they epitomize the Pan-Arabist movement that was also championed by Ba’ath, but which fell through due to mutual rivalry. SSNP, of course, hates Israel and the Jews passionately, they never forgot the Führer’s dream of a Levant united under Syria as well as his sincere admiration for Islamic civilization. Pan Arabism is quite interesting, the small size of the middle eastern states has prevented any besides Turkey from being all that fearsome. Even the populace Egypt with an annexed Suez could not advance to the point of international relevance. Oil wealth was squandered by the Gulf “monarchies” on degeneracy, opulence, and wahabbi extremism.

Professional and tactically gosu compared to the overwhelmingly irregular combatants is Hezbollah. Paramilitarism will likely be of tremendous importance for the far-Right moving forward so it’s critical we learn from the most fearsome paramilitary in the world today. If Nasrallah’s speeches are any indication, the Lebanese Resistance is a spiritually vigorous cluster of memes, in tune with the age of Absolute Politics. Like their Iranian sponsors, the degree of demotic, anti-“oppression”, and post-colonialist rhetoric expressed by HZB is disturbing. Regardless of superficial similarities, the Cathedral has no palpable influence on the Shi’ite militia’s policy or how they govern their territories. They see their involvement in Syria as a single war of struggle, their geographic location ensuring this war is a preview of carnage to come. I’m certain Israel could still pwn HZB, especially in the short term while the Resistance has many troops tied down at a distance, but the gap between these two foes is narrowing. Furthermore, if present trends continue the Shi’ite axis will outpace technologically, militarily, demographically, and economically the GCC, little David can’t prop up such rusty golems forever.

As a progressive could tell you confidently, violence begets more violence. Well, that’s not always true, but in the context of this discussion, the military training being undertaken by these hundreds of thousands of men will have serious consequences. “Peace inda Middle East” will probably not occur in our lifetimes. Strife will ensure birthrates remain high and the martial virtues be kept tightly in the hearts of the people. Billboards in Beirut bear the face of martyrs; near my old apartment there was a billboard of a smiling middle age black woman advertising the happiness and security that comes with an HIV/AIDS test. Islamic civilization will bury most of the West at present trends.

Bringing the discussion back to Syria, democracy is being rebuffed by a manly despot, this is the silver lining between all the carnage and suffering. State and their fanatical Islamist abominations are on the retreat after only seven years of inner party indecisive cowardice. Even those nations who imbibe the elixer of ballot box anarchy are becoming non-Democratic through outer-party consolidation- Likud and AKP being the best examples. Fellaheen populations are squarely incompatible with parliamentarianism, liberalism, and capitalism- to Western Brahmins’ several centuries long dismay. As the West draws the blade across her wrist and settles into the warm Greek bath of effeminate suicide, spears crack shields just beyond the Bosporus. A collapsing West is not where the critical civic events of our time are occurring, ignoring the Near East because it’s unstable is symptomatic of a civic culture totally out of tune with the natural priorities of Classical politics. It really doesn’t matter what Congress does about Planned Parenthood or how deep Yeb Bush cuckolds himself, the enduring obsession with petty idpolitics and sham actors is still far too great amongst the Rightosphere. What’s of lasting importance and cosmic gravity is happening on the ramparts of Jisr al-Shughoor, the hills of Afrin, the deserts of Palmyra, the walls of Fallujah.

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