Why call it Froude Society?

The name for this blog has been evident for quite some time. This blogger is a rather hardcore Moldbugian, though not a neocameralist, I’ve read our nega-Marx a little too much, going over important articles and their comments many times over. Froude is a canonical author in the formalist-royalist framework and deserves even more attention than he has hitherto received. He is an exceptionally poignant voice for imperialism, since I’d describe myself truthfully as an Imperialist Reactionary I can’t help but feel Froude is quite close to expressing the true civic soul of the West, or at the very least my interpretation of it.

As Carlyle’s biographer, Froude is to some degree the first neo-reactionary. If one considers Carlyle as the resounding echo of old Europe, then Froude is the diviner that translates the Message. We’re all like Froude now, ones who see the system as an intolerable, irreconcilable failure. While he died at dusk in 1894, we are living well into the night. Moldbug instructed us to all join the Froude society and so we must, the civic life of the Restoration has already blossomed. We have the opportunity to discuss the issues of our day in a manner unavailable to all but our most fortunate fathers and grandfathers, Truth shall be the foremost mission of this humble blog.


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